Carbon Steel Wire Rod

Wire rod manufacturers are integral to the production of many different items. Able Hardware is a prominent wire rod manufacturer, specializing in high-quality products that are used in industrial settings by domestic and international customers. We will provide an overview of Able Hardware’s services, capabilities, and industry reputation.

Able Hardware has been involved with wire rod manufacturing since its founding in 2001. The company specializes in providing tailored solutions for clients who require customized materials or components created from both standard and specialty metals. Their expertise extends to aluminum alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steels, copper based alloys, and other non-ferrous metal compounds. Additionally, they offer various value-added services such as cold drawing, cutting/sawing/shearing, bending/forming/swaging, heat treating, welding/fabrication/assembly work among others.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Manufacturer

Wire Rod Manufacturers In China

China is a major producer of wire rods, with several high carbon steel wire rod manufacturers operating within the country. The Chinese industry produces hot rolled wire rods in various sizes and grades to meet global customer demands. These products are suitable for multiple applications including supermarket & shop, construction, machinery manufacturing, shipping containers, auto parts, engineering components among other uses.

The majority of Chinese producers use advanced technology to produce high-quality products that can be customized based on specific requirements. Quality control measures are implemented throughout production processes by ensuring stringent adherence to international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and ASTM A510M, which guarantee consistent product performance. Additionally, some larger businesses have adopted modernized technologies like laser welding machines or cold rolling mills to improve productivity and reduce downtime during operations.

These China-based wire rod manufacturers supply robust products at competitive prices worldwide. As these companies continue to innovate their capabilities and develop more efficient production techniques, they will likely remain an important source for customers looking for reliable suppliers in this sector. With the ever increasing demand for efficient materials for different purposes, it is clear that wire rodded produced in China will play a critical role in satisfying global needs going forward. This leads us into considering what kind of material may best suit basket making applications.

Wire Rod Material For Baskets

According to a recent survey, carbon steel wire rod prices have risen by over 20% in the last five years. This increase has been caused primarily by the rising demand for steel wire rods from China and other countries around the world. As a result, many leading manufacturers of steel wires have increased their production capacity to meet this growing need.

Wire Rod Material For Baskets

Drawing on decades of experience in manufacturing high quality wire products, Able Hardware is well-positioned to provide customers with reliable and cost competitive solutions when it comes to making baskets using carbon steel wire rods. The company’s range includes galvanized and black annealed wires made from low or medium carbon steels that are perfect for creating strong yet lightweight baskets due to its excellent tensile strength properties.

Able Hardwares’ commitment to providing superior customer service also makes them stand out amongst their competitors as they offer technical advice and assistance during each stage of the project, ensuring that clients receive the best possible product at a reasonable price. Moreover, all products are manufactured under strict industry standards and backed by stringent quality control measures which guarantee that only top grade materials reach their end customers.

These features make Able Hardware an ideal partner for those who require durable carbon steel wire rods for basket making applications. Moving forward, the company will continue its efforts to ensure that customers receive maximum value for money through its comprehensive collection of advanced material selection options.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Material For Shelving

Carbon steel wire rod is a popular product used for shelving due to its durability and strength. The high carbon content of the material provides an optimal balance between cost and performance. It is also easy to work with, making it suitable for various manufacturing processes such as hot rolling or cold drawing. Due to these benefits, manufacturers often purchase high-quality carbon steel wire rod at competitive prices from reliable suppliers.

The production process of carbon steel wire rods involves several steps including melting, rolling, cooling and coiling in a steel wire rod rolling mill. During the melting stage, iron ore is heated until it reaches a liquid state before being poured into molds where it cools down and solidifies into billets that are ready for further processing. In the next step, the billet is placed onto rollers which reduce its thickness by pulling it through repeatedly until it has reached its desired dimensions. After this, the cooled material can be cut into smaller pieces according to customer specifications and then wound up on spools or coils prior to shipment.

In addition to providing strength and durability required for shelves, carbon steel wire rods offer other advantages such as good resistance against corrosion and excellent electrical conductivity compared to other materials like aluminum or vinyl coated wires. Therefore, they are widely utilized in applications ranging from furniture components and signage boards to automotive parts and medical instruments among many others. With proper selection of quality raw materials followed by controlled heat treatment procedures during manufacturing processes, customers can expect consistent performance over time when using this type of product for their projects.

Wire Rod Material For Trolley

Able Hardware, a wire rod manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of options for shelving, now offers materials suitable for trolleys as well. Hot rolling is the primary process used to create steel wire rods and it helps ensure consistent properties throughout the material. This method also allows for chemical applications that provide greater strength and increased corrosion resistance when compared to other manufacturing processes.

Wire Rod Material For Trolley

The price of steel wire rods will depend on several factors such as its grade or type, size, length and surface finish. Due to their versatility in different industries like automotive and construction, demand for these products remain relatively high which can cause fluctuations in pricing depending on market conditions. Furthermore, multiple suppliers make it possible to find very competitive rates no matter what application you need them for.

Steel wire rods are ideal components when creating objects made to withstand heavy loads such as trolleys because they offer both durability and flexibility while keeping costs low. As a wire rod manufacturer with decades of experience in supplying quality materials. Able Hardware has all the necessary means to meet any customer requirements at prices that fit within most budgets. Moving forward this section will look into carbon steel wire rod specifications in more detail.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Specifications

Carbon steel wire rods are one of the most important components used in hardware manufacturing today. Produced by mild steel wire rod manufacturers in China, they play a vital role in providing customers with cost-effective solutions while ensuring consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Low carbon wire rod prices make them an attractive option for many customers looking to get value for their money.

The material properties of different types of carbon steel vary depending on the grade and alloying elements present in it. This is why it becomes essential to ensure that you select the right type of metal for your application requirements. The chemical composition also needs to be considered before selecting a metal as this can affect its performance and durability.

The selection process must involve considering various factors such as corrosion resistance, tensile strength, ductility, machinability, weldability, formability and hardness. It is also important to consider how these properties may change under certain environmental conditions or when exposed to chemicals over time. By doing so you can ensure that you receive the best possible product for your business needs.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Material Difference

Carbon steel wire rod is a critical component of many construction and industrial projects. It has been widely used in the production of nails, screws, bars and other fasteners due to its strength and versatility. In order to meet different customer needs, China wire rod manufacturers offer various grades of carbon steel wire rods with distinct properties.

High carbon steel wire rods are among the most popular types as they offer excellent tensile strength and wear resistance qualities. These rods can be supplied to ASTM Standard SAE steel wire rod specifications or customized according to user requirements. High carbon wire rod suppliers provide these components with reliable quality assurance at competitive prices.

Different levels of alloying elements have an impact on the price range for carbon steel wire rods but also affect their mechanical properties such as hardness, ductility and weldability.

Bullet Point List:

– Widely used in the production of nails, screws, bars & other fasteners –

Available in various grades with different properties

– high carbon steel provides excellent tensile strength & wear resistance

– Alloying elements influence both cost & mechanical properties

The variety of options allows customers to choose their desired material characteristics while keeping costs within reasonable limits. Price fluctuations can occur depending on current market conditions affecting supply chain dynamics. Therefore it is advisable for buyers to stay informed about possible variations when making purchasing decisions.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Price

Carbon steel wire rod price is determined by a variety of factors, including the quality high carbon steel wire and manufacturing costs. When purchasing from Able Hardware, customers can expect to pay factory prices due to their efficient production process. Carbon steel wire rods are available in various grades depending on the application they will be used for. For example, low-carbon steel is often used in automotive components while medium-carbon steels are commonly found in construction materials such as nails and screws. The reference price is only 0.70 usd/kg at Apr.2023.

The cost of carbon steel wire rods can also vary based on the quantity purchased; larger orders tend to have more competitive pricing than smaller ones. Additionally, some suppliers offer discounts when multiple sizes or lengths of stainless steel wires are ordered at once. Furthermore, certain vendors may provide additional services that could reduce overall expenses for buyers, such as cutting and coiling the material into specific shapes and sizes before shipping it out.

These varying factors all contribute to final carbon steel wire rod price making it important for buyers to research potential suppliers carefully before making any purchase decisions. Understanding the product specifications offered by each vendor and comparing them against one’s own needs helps ensure that value-for-money is achieved with every order placed.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod Manufacturing Process

Able hardware is a wire rod manufacturer that produces high-quality carbon steel wire rods. To illustrate the complexity of their process, consider the design and production of an industrial-grade transmission line in northern Canada. The components needed for this project required several stages of fabrication, beginning with the manufacture of carbon steel wire rods by Able hardware’s team of experts.

The carbon steel wire rod manufacturing process consists of cold drawing from hot rolled bars through a series of dies to achieve the desired shape and size. This involves reducing the diameter while increasing tensile strength, resulting in improved ductility and toughness compared to other materials such as copper or aluminum. Additionally, during this step temperature control is key to ensuring proper metallurgical properties are obtained. Following cold drawing, surface treatments including pickling, galvanizing, oiling and coating can be applied depending on customer requirements.

After producing quality carbon steel products which meet customer specifications, these items need to be inspected before they are shipped out into the market. Quality assurance teams at Able hardware ensure each product undergoes rigorous testing prior to shipment, thus guaranteeing satisfaction among customers who use them in various applications around the world.

In summary, Wire rod manufacturer – Able hardware manufactures quality carbon steel wire rods through a complex yet efficient process involving cold drawing followed by surface treatment processes and inspection procedures designed to meet customer expectations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Wire Rod Material Is Needed For A Particular Project?

When determining how much wire rod material is needed for a particular project, it is important to consider the size and scope of the project. Factors such as total length of wire, cross-sectional area, grade or type of steel used, and number of pieces required must all be taken into account when calculating the amount of material necessary. Additionally, other variables may need to be considered depending on the specific requirements of the project.

What Is The Lead Time For Ordering Wire Rod Materials?

“Time is of the essence.” Able hardware offers immediate delivery for normal models with stock. When it comes to ordering wire rod materials, lead time should be taken into consideration as it can greatly influence a project’s timeline and budget. Generally speaking, the lead time for ordering wire rod materials depends on several factors including availability, quantity required and delivery location. The suppliers’ production capacity also needs to be factored in when determining the expected wait period. As such, customers must check with their chosen supplier to get an accurate estimation of their order’s lead time.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Wire Rod Materials?

When ordering wire rod materials, there is often a minimum order quantity required. This will vary between suppliers and the type of material being purchased. As such, it is important to check with the manufacturer or supplier before placing an order to determine what this quantity might be.
The MOQ is only 300kg when you choose our DDP shipping door-to-door.

Are There Any Additional Services Offered By Able Hardware?

Able Hardware offers a range of services for customers in addition to their wire rod materials. According to data from the company, over 92% of Able hardware’s products are delivered on time and within budget. This includes custom fabrication and machining services such as threading, drilling, cutting, forming and welding. Their team of experienced professionals also provides technical support and advice to ensure customer satisfaction.

Are There Any Customization Options For Wire Rod Materials?

Customization options for wire rod materials are available depending on the application and supplier. Various shapes, sizes, grades, surface finishes, and coatings can be chosen to suit individual requirements. Wire rods may also be coated with anti-corrosive agents or electroplated with a variety of metals, such as zinc or copper. Additionally, suppliers may offer additional services in terms of machining, cutting and bending to create custom products.


Finding the right wire rod manufacturer can make or break a project. Able Hardware is an experienced and reliable choice for those looking to source wire rod materials, offering quick lead times, no minimum order quantity and additional services such as customization options. As they say, “A stitch in time saves nine by taking the extra step of finding a reputable supplier like Able Hardware you can ensure that your project will be completed with quality and efficiency. With their wide range of products and services at competitive prices, Able Hardware makes it easy to find the perfect solution for all wire rod needs.

Contact Able Hardware today and start taking advantage of their industry-leading services.

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