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The perforated aluminum sheet is the aluminum plate with perforated holes, usually manufactured by punch or milling machine. As a professional perforated aluminium sheet supplier, Able Hardware has 20+ years of metal supply experience.

Due to the processing cost, unit weight & flatness, the perforated aluminium sheet thickness is usually 1.0 mm ~ 6.0 mm. With the increase of the perforation rate, the flatness of the plate is affected.

The sheet metal types are flat, folded, wavy, serrated, and short edge folded.

With the increase of the perforation rate, the strength of aluminum sheet metal decreases. The selection of the plate type affects the strength of the perforated aluminum plate, and then affects the size of the perforated plate module, the number of the connecting keel, the overall effect expression.

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Perforated aluminium sheets classification

1. Flat perforated aluminum sheeting

Perforated plate first appeared in the form of flat plate, because the processing technology of flat plate is relatively simple, and it is most widely used. Compared with the other two types, its interface is very flat, and the arrangement of holes can be more free, which is suitable for the patterned hole arrangement design. It will not block the line of sight of the side due to the bending and folding of the plate itself, and the line of sight is more transparent, which is conducive to the expression of architectural integrity. However, due to its lamellar structure, its strength is weak, especially decreases rapidly with the increase of plate size and porosity. The strength can be increased by increasing the material thickness of the plate. Therefore, in the design, it is often necessary to reduce the size of a single plate, or increase the number of supporting keel at the back to improve the overall strength.

2. Folded perforated aluminum plate

Based on the folded plate type, it is made by folding. In fact, folding is equivalent to greatly increasing its own structural thickness, so the strength is greatly improved, reducing the vertical division and joint connection of plates, reducing the number of the vertical keel, and reduce structural members.

The depth and angle of folding can be adjusted according to the design needs. Different angles of folding surface can present different transparency changes in different perspectives, and the light and shadow changes are more abundant, creating a multi-level translucent atmosphere.

3. Corrugated perforated aluminum sheeting

Based on the folded plate type, it is made by arc bending, which is similar to the folded plate type in characteristics, but the wavy perforated plate can form a more hazy and ambiguous translucent atmosphere, and its flexible interface contour is easier to integrate into the environment. With the design of wave-shaped perforated board, architects can deliberately “enlarge” the fuzzy space experience and soft interface feeling, and create an imaginative and thought-provoking space.

The perforated aluminum sheet design

The hole size and pattern of the perforated plate are carefully processed and designed according to the needs. Holes of different sizes, densities and shapes form different translucent visual effects,

Aluminum plate hole types include rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, oblong hole, hexagon hole, cross-hole, triangle hole, long waist hole, plum hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, eight-character net, herringbone hole, five-pointed star hole, irregular hole, bulging hole, special-shaped hole, shutter hole, etc.

The manufacturing process of the perforated aluminum sheeting

How to manufacture a perforated aluminum plate? The manufacturing methods of the perforated aluminum plate is as followed:

Perforated Aluminium Sheet Manufacturing

1. Numerical control punch punching

CNC punch is a common way to punch holes on the metal surface

2. Stamping process

Rapid perforation on large surface areas of metal screens and panels

3. Laser perforation

Laser perforation is the latest development of perforation technology, which is more expensive and complex, with higher precision and randomness.

Technical data of perforated aluminum sheet

Perforation rate is the key factor affecting the expression of visual integrity and reducing building energy consumption. Perforation rate = hole area / whole aluminum plate area.

1. Perforation rate and visual clarity

Different perforation rates of the perforated aluminum plate will produce different indoor and outdoor, night and day visual effects in the application of building skin. When viewed from the outside to the inside, the perforated aluminum sheet skin mainly expresses the whole rest effect of the building. It can avoid the outdoor observation of indoor activities and better maintain the privacy of the indoor space. When viewed from the inside to the outside, the perforated aluminum sheet skin forms a certain degree of occlusion on the outdoor landscape, and the influence of different perforation rates on the outdoor scene is quite different. When the perforation rate is low, the perforated aluminum plate can block the outdoor scene obviously; when the perforation rate is high, the human eye can still feel the outdoor landscape activities through the holes of the perforated plate.

2. Perforation rate and shading effect

Under the premise of the same plate thickness and the same aperture size, the lower the perforation rate of the perforated aluminum plate, the better the sunshade effect, the less the light input, the worse the daylighting, the less the lack of high radiation, and the better the sunshade effect.

On the contrary, the higher the perforation rate is, the worse the shading effect is, the more light input is, the better the daylighting is, and the more high radiation is received, the worse the shading effect is.

3. Aperture

Aperture is one of the influencing factors of the perforated aluminum plate unit. By control the aperture, hole spacing, and arrangement can affect the visual clarity of perforated staggered plate skin and create novel visual effect. Combining with perforation rate, plate thickness and other factors, it can reduce solar radiation heat and reduce energy consumption

4. Visual integrity

(1) Homogeneous visual effect

The homogeneous visual effect is composed of perforated aluminum plate unit with homogeneous perforation rate and homogeneous skin of aluminum plate unit.

(2) Heterogeneous visual effect

The unit’s perforation rate is heterogeneous, which can adapt to the different functional requirements of the building interior and meet its lighting and shading needs. It can also design gradient effect and patterning effect.

5. Night Scene Effect

Due to the difference of the main light source, it can divide into two ways: internal light transmission and external lighting. According to the same principle, the night scene effect of internal light transmission is higher than that of outdoor space after entering the night. The relationship between the skin and the indoor and outdoor background is interchangeable with that during the day. The light passes through the perforated aluminum skin and infects the outdoors.

6. Building physical environment

(1) application of shading characteristics.

The building’s indoor heat is mainly transmitted to the inner layer through the perforated aluminum plate’s holes and the cavity. The shading effect’s key is to select the appropriate shading form and perforation rate of perforated aluminum plate skin.

(2) application of daylighting characteristics.

The characteristics of daylighting and shading should be considered. By setting the appropriate perforation rate, the same perforated aluminum sheet can achieve shading effect and meet the indoor lighting needs.

(3) application of ventilation characteristics.

A perforated aluminum sheet is often used as the ventilation curtain wall, as the open external circulation system is suitable for hot summer and cold winter areas. Ventilation, energy-saving, and environmental protection curtain wall can save energy more than traditional curtain wall heating.

Perforated aluminum sheet price

Aluminum sheet metal cost plus hole machining & surface treatment is the final perorate metal price. China is a worldwide bigger aluminium metal manufacturer, also you can make the different surface like PVDF coating, power coating for the custom perforated aluminium sheet

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