14 Steel Post Base Plate Design for Railing

14 Steel Post Base Plate Design for Railing

The base plate is also known as floor flange, wall flange, or deck flange. It is the bottom part of stainless steel railing systems. As a professional supplier of stainless steel balustrade fittings, Able Hardware designed and manufactured 14 model steel post base plate below:

Steel Base Plate for Post Application:

  1. For stainless steel or glass railing;
  2. For glass balustrade;
  3. For side-mounted post;
Stainless Steel Post Base Plate

Steel Post Base Plate Type:

According to the flange sharp, there are round, square column design;

According to the railing systems installation, there are inline, tilt, side, adjustable deck flange;

According to the deck hole, there are round, and slot adjust hole design;

Railing Post Base Plate Manufacturing & Price:

It is recommended to take stainless steel 316 or 304 sheet plate as the fence post-structural, investment casting manufacturing process for carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum is available. The surface can be chrome, stain, galvanized, white power coating, etc.

The railing post base plate price is according to above manufacturing method.

Laser Cutting Steel Post Base Plate

How to Design Your Railing Post Base Plate:

  1. Upload your balustrade design drawing or pictures to Able Hardware below;
  2. Send the projects ground size, railing post dimensions like diameter, high, etc.;
  3. Able Hardware offers 3D design with price in 24 hours;
  4. 3D printing a new design and expressing the sheet plate samples on your desk in 72 hours.
  5. Manufacturing the bulk order by laser cutting, welding, or investment casting. 

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