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Able Hardware has accumulated more than 20 years of manufacturing experience as a professional sheet metal service supplier.

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is a comprehensive cold working process for thin metal sheets (usually below 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/laminating, folding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc.. It is characterized by consistent thickness of the same part. The four most important steps in sheet metal production are shearing, punching/cutting/, folding/rolling, welding, and surface treatment.

Sheet metal fabrication equipment includes Shear Machine, CNC Punching Machine/Laser, Plasma, Water Jet Cutting Machine, Bending Machine, Drilling Machine. Various auxiliary equipment such as: uncoiler, leveler, deburring machine, spot welder, etc.

The 3D software for sheet metal design includes SolidWorks, UG, Pro/E, SolidEdge, TopSolid, CATIA, etc. The data required for sheet metal processing (such as unfolding diagrams, bending lines, etc.) are obtained by editing the 3D graphics, and the data required for CNC Punching Machine/Laser, Plasma, Water Jet, etc. Laser, Plasma, Waterjet Cutting Machine, Combination Machine, CNC Bending Machine, etc.

Able offers a full range of sheet metal fabrication services, allowing you to choose the exact service you need to create the perfect product. With our shearing, punching/cutting, folding/rolling, welding, and surface treatment options, we can help you create anything from a simple to a complex sheet metal part.

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Plate Types & Sizes

Stainless steel sheet has a bright surface, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and is resistant to corrosion by acid, alkaline gases, solutions and other media. It is a kind of alloy steel which is not easy to rust.

Custom SS Sheet Plate Materials

Austenitic stainless steel sheet: 304/S30408, 301, 302, 304H, 304L/S30403, 304LH, 321, 321H, 316L/S31603, 316H, 316Ti, 316LMod (urea grade), 317L/S31703, 317LMN, 309S, 310S /S31803/2520, 310H, 310L, 310MoLN, 310HCbN, 314, 347H, 347HFG, 253MA, 904L.

Super austenitic stainless steel: 254SMo, S31254, N08367, N08926, S32654, S31277.

Nickel-based alloys sheet: C276, C22, C2000, B2, B3, alloy 20, alloy 28, alloy 31, G3, G30, G35, X750, Monel400, K500, 600, 601, 602, 617, 625, 690, 800, 800H , 800HT, 825 4J36.

High steel base alloy plate : T5/P5, 1.7362, T9/P9, 1.7386, T91/P91, 1.4903, T92/P92, 1.4901, T24/P24, 1.7378, T122/P122, T911/P911, 1.4922/X20CrMoV11-1.

Duplex stainless steel plate: S32304(2304), S31803, S32205(2205), S32750(2507), S31260, S32550, S32760, S32707(2707), S31200, S31500, S32001, S32003, S32101, S32220 S32906.

Ferritic martensitic stainless steel plate: 405(06Cr13Al), 430(1Cr17), 439(022Cr18Ti), 444(019Cr19Mo2NBTi), S44660, S44735, S44736, 410S(06Cr13), 410(12Cr13), 420(2Cr13) , 420J2 (3Cr13), 431 (14Cr17Ni2), 440C, 15Cr25Ti, 13Cr110, 17Cr110/125.

Precipitation hardening stainless steel plate: 630(17-4PH), 631(17-7PH), 632(15-5PH)

Custom SS Sheet Plate Sizes

2B Stainless Steel Sheet:
Thickness 0.1-0.6mm: 400/500/600mm width;
Thickness 0.8-3mm: 12202440,1220×3000, 1500×2440,1500x3000mm;

Satin Brusheh Stainless Steel Sheet:
Thickness 0.8-3mm: 1220×2440, 1220×3000, 1500×2440, 1500x3000mm;

Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet:
Thickness 0.8-2.5mm: 1220×2440, 1220×3000, 1500×2440, 1500x3000mm;

Acid White Stainless Steel Plate:
Thickness 3-8mm:1500×6000, 1800×6000, 15006x000mm;
Thickness 10-25mm:1500×6000, 1800×6000, 2000x6000mm;
Thickness 30-60mm: Acrording to stock of Able Hardware.

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Design

After receiving the sheet metal drawing from the customer, Able selects the first design according to the unfolding drawing of the sheet metal parts and the number of different ways to drop the material, among which there are laser, CNC punching, shearing, mold, etc.

The design of sheet metal bending is based on the size and material thickness of the drawing to determine the tooling and grooves to be used.

The sheet metal welding design should consider the position of the workpiece to be welded and consider positioning tooling to ensure accurate welding position when mass production.

Able hardware design software for sheet metal includes SolidWorks, UG, Pro/E, SolidEdge, TopSolid, CATIA, Shapr3d, Autocad, etc.

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Cutting

Stainless steel sheet metal cutting is mainly divided into laser, water, and plasma.

Laser cutting is the use of focused high-power-density laser beam irradiation of stainless steel materials so that the irradiated stainless steel materials quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point while blowing away the molten material with the help of high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, so as to achieve the stainless steel material cut. Laser cutting belongs to one of the thermal cutting methods.

Water cutting, also known as waterjet, which is a high-pressure water jet cutting technology, is a machine that uses high-pressure water flow to cut. It can sculpt stainless steel material at will under the control of computer, and it is little affected by the texture of the material. Water jee tet cutting is divided into two ways of cutting without sand and cutting with sand.

Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to make the metal at the incision of stainless steel material partially melt or evaporate, and exclude the molten metal by the momentum of high-speed plasma to form the incision.

Laser cutting of stainless steel thickness is generally below 25MM, and with the increase in thickness, the cutting speed decreases significantly. The thickness of water cutting can be very thick, even thicker materials, ranging from 0.8-100MM. Plasma cutting thickness 0-120mm, the best cutting quality range of thickness in the 20mm or so.

Speed comparison
Laser cutting 2mm thick mild steel plate with power 1200W, cutting speed up to 600cm/min. Waterjet cutting speed that is quite slow, not suitable for mass production. Plasma cutting slow cutting speed, relatively low precision, more suitable for cutting stainless steel thick plate, but the end face has a slope.

Accuracy comparison
Laser cutting kerf is thin and narrow. The two sides of the cut are parallel and perpendicular to the surface, the dimensional accuracy of the cut stainless steel parts can reach ±0.2mm. Plasma can reach within 1mm. Water cutting does not produce thermal deformation, the accuracy is ±0.1mm, if you use dynamic water cutting machine can improve the cutting accuracy. Cutting accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, eliminating the cutting slope.

Width comparison
Laser cutting, compared to plasma cutting, is more precise. The slit is small, at about 0.5mm. The plasma cutting slit is larger than laser cutting, at about 1-2mm. The water jet cutting slit is about 10% larger than the diameter of the knife tube, generally at 0.8mm-1.2mm.

Surface quality comparison
Laser cutting surface roughness is not as good as water cutting. The thicker the material, the more obvious. Water cutting will not change the texture of the material around the cutting seam (laser is thermal cutting, which will change the texture around the cutting area.)

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Bending

Stainless steel sheet metal bending and processing manufactured on the bending machine, the sheet to be bent placed on the bending machine, the brake sheet is lifted with the lifting lever, the stainless steel sheet slides to the appropriate position, and then the brake sheet is lowered to the workpiece to be formed, and the metal is bent and formed by applying force to the bending lever on the bending machine.

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Welding

Stainless steel sheet plate welding services supplier for argon arc welding, gas welding, submerged arc welding, manual welding, MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, laser welding, and high-frequency welding.
Laser and high-frequency welding, compared with traditional melting welding, welding speed, high energy density, and low heat input. The heat-affected zone is narrow, the degree of grain growth is small, the welding deformation is small, the cold processing and forming performance is good, easy to achieve automatic welding and thick plate single-pass once through, the most important feature is the I shape of the bevel does not require filler material can be welded.

Custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Prices

Able Hardware is proud to offer the best stainless steel sheet plates to worldwide. We are located close to Wuxi and Taizhou, Jiangsu, which gives us access to the lowest prices for sheet metal material and fabrication. With our years of experience, we can provide you with the perfect sheet plate parts for your needs. Come inquiry us today!

Able Hardware is close to Wuxi, China’s largest stainless steel sheet plate trading center, and Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, China’s largest stainless steel fabrication base. Able Hardware has access to China’s cheapest stainless steel sheet plates and manufacturing plants.

Stainless steel laser cutting sheet metal reference price on Apr.2022: $3.50 USD/KG for SS304, $5.20 USD/KG for SS316.

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