Quality Control in Custom Enclosures Manufacturing

Engineering and Quality Control: ISO 9001 Certified

quality control for enclosures manufacturing

Able hardware is committed to understanding and meeting quality needs and expectations while striving for continuous improvement at all times. Our goal is to be recognized as the leading supplier of standard stock and custom design electrical enclosures.

To verify, monitor, and measure our products and services, we have established a comprehensive quality assurance system below, which allows us to meet all of the required standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

General testing

Check whether the enclosures of the door is flexible to open and close.

Open the cabinet moving parts, and check whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose and fall off.

Check the appearance by visual inspection method.

Dimension and general tolerance inspection

Use a steel tape measure (length 3000mm, reading value 0.1mm) to measure the outline size of the electrical cabinet, and measure the front, back, and both sides of the upper, middle, and lower parts of the cabinet, in order to measure the front, back width and the depth of the two sides.

quality control in metal enclosures manufacturing

Put the measured sheet metal enclosure vertically on the platform, use a 90° angle ruler (1000mm, grade 2 precision) to measure the middle part of the front and back door plate and the left and right side plate, and measure the gap value between the 90° angle ruler and the leaning surface with the stopper (grade 2 precision).

Use a steel tape measure and vernier height ruler (1000mm, reading value 0.02mm) to measure the limit deviation of the same gap or parallel gap between door and door, door and frame.

Put the measured enclosure box on the platform and measure the flatness at multiple points on the measured surface with a knife-edge straightedge (1600mm, reading value 0.02mm) and a plug ruler.

Interchangeable assembly testing

Take 3 enclosure samples of the same model and specification and assemble the same structural parts interchangeably.
Protection level according to the protection level selected by the cabinet, according to the requirements of GB4208-1993 for testing, and meet its requirements.

Protection grade

According to the protection level selected by the cabinet, the requirements of GB 4208-1993 are tested and meet the requirements.

Measurement of connection resistance

The resistance method to measure the maximum connection resistance between the bare metal components and the grounding terminal should comply with the provisions of the electrical continuity (measuring the resistance of the instrument should be able to provide at least 10A of current).

Test the ability to withstand lifting

The test cabinet is fixed to the ground with bolts through the installation holes, without adding internal static load, a steady-state force knife is added smoothly at the arrow, the force is selected according to the performance level, the force duration is not less than 1 minute, and the lifting is repeated twice.

Test the ability to withstand stiffness

The test cabinet is fixed on the ground with bolts through the installation holes, without adding internal static load, adding a steady state force on each side of the cabinet evenly distributed on the cabinet, according to the performance level according to the size of the selected force, the duration of the force is not less than 1 minute.

Test the ability to withstand vibration and shock

The test sheet metal cabinet is fixed to the vibration table by the reserved foot bolt position in order to simulate the working conditions that may be supported by the mechanism at the bottom. The test conditions are: sweeping rate is 1 octave/minute, test axis is X-Y-Z (Ya axis as the most severe choice), the duration of each axis is 10 frequency cycles, the resonance frequency is 5-10Hz, acceleration 1m/s2 and resonance test with amplification factor 3-4 to increase the amplitude to amplification factor 7-8, the duration is not less than 10 minutes.

UL-Certified Type Enclosures Manufacturer

Able hardware recently also received authorization to manufacture and install UL-certified Type enclosures. This certification enables us to provide customers with the ability to specify a custom enclosure solution that meets their needs.

Rather than being forced to choose among pre-fabricated products offered by manufacturers with UL-certified product lines, we now offer our customers the option to work directly with our engineers to develop a customized enclosure solution that meets their specific requirements.

quality control engineer for enclosures manufacturing

In conclusion, quality control is the process of ensuring that products meet their specifications prior to leaving the factory. This ensures that the product is safe for use and meets its intended purpose. In the case of electronics, quality control is especially important because these devices are often used in safety-critical applications such as medical equipment and aircraft navigation systems.

Quality control is essential to ensure that the end user receives the correct product and that the manufacturer doesn’t waste resources producing defective units. For example, if a component fails during testing, it must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the entire batch of parts could fail later on.

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