Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolts

What are bolts?

Metal bolts are a high strength fastener for fastening two or more work parts together. It has a thread with ridges that wrap around the outside of their shaft in a helical pattern. They use nuts to secure them to surfaces.

There is another threaded fastener named screw, the construction similar to bolts. The similarity makes confusion, and people use both names.

What are bolts used for?

The bolt is to hold two or more parts together with many applications. There are these bolts below: automotive bolts, military bolts, aerospace bolts, civil engineering bolts, petrochemical bolts. Custom bolts are a kind of non-standard bolts and design and make according to the unique applications.

How to make a bolt?

The manufacturing process to custom made bolts is below:

The pre-treating method: 

The custom bolt manufacturers heat the wire rod into the furnace, bathe it in sulfuric acid remove any rust particles. The surface rust particles will remove after putting the wire rod into sulfuric acid. Then coated phosphate to surface for rust resistance and lubrication.

Die-shapes bolts heads: 

Bolts suppliers form the rods by cold forming. High pressure and dies to shape the bolts head.

Bolts threading: 

The cold-rolled blank threaded out. And the thread formed by the interaction between the movable and the fixed dental plate.

Custom bolts material:

The materials used to manufacture custom bolts include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper alloys, plastics, and titanium.

A stainless steel fastener is for chemical and corrosion-resistant.

Aluminum is for making light industrial bolts that are electrically conductive and resistant to corrosion and thermal energy. 

Brass bolts have low magnetic permeability and oxidation resistance.

Copper bolts have excellent wear resistance.

Plastic offers excellent water resistance with light loads.

Custom bolts model:

Custom bolts have different sizes, shapes, grades, and materials below:

Custom U bolts

U bolts are bent bolts with threads at two ends. It used for suspended items to be attached to the surface of something.  They may be round, square, or semi-round. U bolts used for the construction and automotive.

Custom made U bolts type and dimension:

Square, Round, Semi-Round, J and L type with 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″,3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ or customized and U-bolt nut plates

Custom shoulder bolts

Shoulder bolts also named shoulder screws or stripper bolts, and it has an integral shoulder or journal between the head and thread.

Shoulder screws have a head, shoulder, and thread. The head has the largest diameter, its diameter and length describe the shoulder, and the thread has a significant diameter slightly smaller than the shoulder diameter.

Shoulder bolts size: Dia 8 x M6, Dia 10 x M8, Dia 12 x M10, Dia 16 x M12, Dia 20 x M16
Shoulder screws length: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120mm
Stripper bolts material: Alloy Steel, MS, SS, Brass

 Custom hex Bolts

The hex bolt is very common. Made of metal with a six sides hexagon head, a shank threaded throughout the length and a washer. It needs a nut to fasten the hex bolt.

Custom anchor bolts

Anchor bolts embedded in concrete and anchoring posts with supports to the foundation. It used in building and construction.

Custom eye bolts

Eyebolts have threaded at one end and a round eye at the head. The eye hole fixes a cable, rope, or chain for lifting. Eyebolts are common in ships, airplanes, and buildings.

Custom flange bolts

The flange bolts have an integral washer. It helps distribute bearing weight and eliminate the disfigurement of material being bolted.

Custom metric bolts

Metric bolts use the metric dimension for measuring the system. They are used worldwide.

Custom machining bolts

The machining bolt is made by CNC machining because they are not standard.

Custom Bolts Type by country:

According to the country, the custom bolts can be divided into metric, American, and British types.

Metric Bolts

Mark the screw model directly with the outer diameter of the screw. For example, m3 means the outer diameter of screw is 3.00mm; M4 means the outer diameter of screw is 4.00mm.

Metric ex: m3x6 – ppb: is m3 machine screw, 6mm long, cross, round flat head, black plated.

Metric thread size pitch: metric screw is located at the back of screw model; sometimes, screw pitch is indicated. For example, m3x0.5, m4x0.70, m5x0.8, M6X1.

American Standard Bolts 

It is usually marked with serial number, such as # 2-56, # 4-40, # 6-32, # 8-32, # 10-24 etc.

Or in British outer diameter. Such as 0: 0.86-56, 0.112-40, 0.138-32, 0.164-32, 0.190-24 etc.

The length of the American screw is converted to metric mm. Conversion formula: x25.40 = metric length mm

British Bolts:

Mark with denominator as 8, and then directly call the numerator number.

Ex: 1 / 8×0.50 – ppb: 1 split screw x 0.50 “long, ppb

Ex: 5 / 16×0.50 – ppb = 2.5 / 8×0.50-ppb: 2 split screw x 0.50 “long, ppb

Ex: 5 / 32×0.50 – ppb = 1.25/8×0.50-ppb: 1 minute 2.5% screw x 0.50 “long, ppb

Ex: 1 / 4×0.50-ppb = 2 / 8×0.50-ppb: 2 split screw x 0.50 “long, ppb

British screw is marked with coarse or fine teeth.

UNF: thin-tooth: commonly used in electronic industry.

UNC: coarse teeth: For heavy machinery structure.

Ex: 3 / 8×0.50, UNF – ppb: 3-minute fine thread screw × 0.50 “long, ppb.

The length of British Bolts is indicated in inch, which shall be converted into mm by multiplying 25.40.

Custom Bolts Type by HeadCode:

Bolts Type by HeadCode

There are Flat, Oval, Round, Pan, Truss, Hex head bolts.

Customized Bolts Type by DriveCode:

Bolts Type by DriveCode

Slotted, Phillips, Phil-Slot, Hex Scoket, OneWay

Customize Bolts Type by LengthCode:

Directly mark the screw length in mm. Mark the total length of screw, only calculate the length below the head, excluding the head height. Except for the flat head screw, the total length of the screw indicates the head height.

Custom Made Bolts Type by FinishCode:

Zine plated: Galvanized

Ni: Ni plated.

Tin Coating: Tin plated treatment.

Zinc Plated / Green Iridite: Galvanized green film treatment.

Radiant Plated: Multicolored

Passivate: Antioxidant treatment.

Alodialfinish: no appearance processing

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  2. Hi I’m just looking for 4 high tensile flange hex bolts
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    Shank length: 20mm
    Shank width: 19mm
    Bolt with: 13mm
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