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CNC is abbr for computer numerical control. CNC machining is a manufacturing process for manufacturing high precision industrial parts. It takes specialized computer programs to instruct the automated design and production. As a professional manufacturer of CNC Machining parts, Able hardware offers technical details for CNC parts below:

CNC Machining Parts Service Include

CNC cutting is a precision manufacturing process that uses several different mechanical techniques in conjunction with computer numerical controlling software to remove excess material and create complex two dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
CNC drilling employs computer automated machines to bore precision threads or holes into surfaces of variable material composition and thickness.
CNC grinding uses an abrasive wheel, disc or belt to provide automated precision material removal and surface finish in some industrial and commercial applications.
CNC manufacturing is a production process that utilizes specialized computer software to direct complex automated machine components in the design and production of precision parts and components.
CNC milling, also known as “CNC turning”, is possibly the most common kind of CNC machining. CNC milling machines are classified according to the number of axis points that they use. Typically these machines have at least three axes, X and Y for horizontal movements, and Z for verticals; some machines, however, utilize five-axis points with extra pivot points.

CNC punch machines cut parts on computer numeric control systems.
CNC services are those operations provided by CNC machine shops that often integrate every step of the design and production of precision parts via the use of computer automated machinery.

CNC work encompassed all tasks associated with and performed through the use of computer numerically controlled machinery, which allows for the fast, efficient, and accurate production of precision parts.
Machine work shapes materials into precise forms.
Precision laser machining is the precision cutting of parts with CNC machines controlled laser to ensure accuracy.
Precision machining is the process that uses a computerized machine to ensure exactitude.
Prototype machining is the fast and accurate production of a single or low-volume conceptual model or “mock-up” of a product utilizing CNC machinery. Prototypes are used to prove feasibility but often are not as efficient or well-designed as later production models.

CNC Machined Components Material

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloy, Lucite, Nylon, Bakelite, etc. Please contact us if your required material is not listed above.

CNC Machining Parts Surface Treatment

Zinc/Nickel/Chrome Plating, Passivation, Hardening, High Frequency, Clear Anodizing, Black Anodizing, Black Oxide Coating, Degreasing, Brushing, Electronic polishing, Powder coating, Gold plating.

CNC Machining Parts File Formats

Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD (DXF, DWG), PDF, TIF, JPG, IGS, etc.

CNC Machining Components Tolerance

0.001-0.10 mm according to requirement.

CNC Machining Parts Process Capability

Supply sheet metal, mechanical parts machining, surface treatment such as anodize, and plating according to our customers’ requirements.

CNC Machined Parts Production Equipment

CNC Automatic Lathe, Auto-Lathes, CNC Machining Center, Auto-milling machine, Drilling and Milling Center, Drilling Machines, Laser Engraving Machine, Grinder Machines, Tapping Machine, Carving Machine

CNC Machining Parts Testing Equipment

Image Dimension Measuring System, 2D measures Projector, Height Gage, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Hardness Tester, Video Measuring Machine, Salt Spray Tester, Slide caliper, Micrometer.

CNC Machining Components Quality Assurance

ISO9001:2008 Certified, TUV Certified

CNC Machined Components Application

Communication Equipment, Optical products, Medical equipment, Auto, motorcycle, bicycle, aviation, electronic, home appliance machine, etc.

CNC Machining Parts Packing

1) Inner packing: Plastic/paper wrap, bubble bag, PE foam, EPE cotton, PP bag, etc.
2) Outer packing: carton box, wooden case, plate, etc.
3) Per customer’s requirement

CNC Machined Parts Lead Time

Sample: 1-3 days after confirmation
Bulk Order: 15-25 days

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